.Businesses moving fast acquire more customers and gain profit because of the change in marketing in the past 3 years. A dramatic shift in the digital marketing landscape that includes SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing was seen in 2019. There were many efforts that evolved and and would become a trend in the upcoming years.

The 5 key digital marketing trends in 2019 that we have picked are :-

  1. Artificial Intelligence at its peak

    artificial intelligence sproutbien

AI is a trending topic wherein digital marketing is one of its primary applications. The online support of AI is completely flawless. With the use of AI in digital marketing it is easier to predict user experience, the higher time they spend on a site, higher will be the chances for conversions. Email Marketing, Content Curation etc are going to be far easier with AI inbuilt tools.

  1. Use of Chat bots

Chatbots provide human-like interaction answering customer query for one or more services. The two chatbots namely branded or services chatbots and informational chatbots provides necessary solution for the services and information to the people who need it. In a recent study, it was found that consumers spend more time on messaging apps. Chatbots helps an organization to get the analytical insights of the customers like the purchasing pattern, level of engagement with the website and demographic study.

  1. Social Media

Social Media is one of the important parameter for the sales enablement in the business funnel. The latest report of Internet Surveys tells that most of the social media viewers proceed to the purchase option. Social media plays a crucial role in overall marketing strategy by interacting with customers over various channels. Social messaging apps also gained momentum and it has over 1.3 billion monthly active users. These messaging apps can add value to users’ experience.


  1. Email marketing

Email Marketing strategies are evolving frequently. It is getting more personalized with the normal generic email marketing being less effective. It develops relationship with the customer thus resulting in better sales and customer loyalty. Since email offers reporting and analytics capability to know the bounce rate and conversions, it is easier to track your customers. There are tons of email marketing tools that can help in your digital strategy, some of them are Mail Chimp, Zoho, Benchmark and many more.


  1. Voice and Visual Search

In SEO point of view the industry scope has broadened and growing into something more dynamic. By latest research it depicts that soon in the later future the brands that are more inclined to visual and voice search will bring in more revenue. This new feature is entirely a new dimension on how people explore the search engines to for their answers. Smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are the good examples of voice search. By 2020 50% of the searches will be done by voice.

Visual Search uses real-time images for the performing the visual search. In the Digital Marketing world, visual search has the potential to understand how consumers find and buy products. Google lens and Pinterest helps the people with the unique ability to search for anything through visual search in real-time.