Online Event Promotions

Online Event Promotions

 If you are planning to promote an offline event, it is a good idea to employ the power of digital marketing to increase attendance, improve impact, and enhance the experience.

According to a report published by Content Marketing Institute, more than 70 percent of B2B marketers said that “in-person events” was the top marketing tactics employed by them. Whether you operate in the B2B or B2C space and you need to get across to the right people who will sign up and participate in the events. Only then, they can become your customers, partners, or advocates of your products and services.

As experts in online promotion of events, we employ the following methods to ensure that you get across to potential attendees and achieve success.

Promotion on Your Website

We help you promote your event by creating a unique page that is optimized with directions, registration information, logistics, agendas, and speaker bios, among others. Teaser blog posts and event banners are also employed for the promotion of the event.

Use Your Network

We will also help you to use your email, newsletter, and other contact lists for sending invitations for the event. Past attendees can also be invited.

Share it in Social Media

We will help you to create a unique event on Facebook so that you can easily register those that are interested in your event. We will also support you in creating a buzz on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. An official hashtag can also be created for the promotion of the event.

Leverage Content

At SproutBien, we have the expertise to create event materials such as banners, buttons, and videos for sharing/distribution.

Use Paid Ads

We can also create retargeting display campaigns for those people who looked at your event page but did not register.

Make Use of Event Promotion Sites

While Eventbrite allows you to send an all-inclusive invite for your event, can be used to create either a Meetup group of your own or join similar existing groups and request administrators to publish your event. We can help you make use of several other event promotion sites as well.

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