Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

This is an ideal approach to generate leads for your niche business. Advertisements have the ability to positively influence user’s minds.

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Whether your SEO efforts are paying off or not paying off fast enough, it is a good idea to include the search engine advertising strategy to quickly to build your brand and expand your customer base. It takes some time for your SEO efforts to provide results, but search engine advertising enables you to save a little bit of time as it puts your brand in front of your target audiences automatically. This is because it allows you to display your paid advertisements on search results provided by various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Advertisers who make use of search advertising display their advertisements to those users that are searching by typing specific keywords. The advertisers pay a fee whenever someone clicks on their ad. This type of Paid Per Click advertising is very effective because users that conduct searches often reveal a great about their intent with the search query they use. When it comes to PPC Advertising in Trivandrum, we have the experience and expertise to provide the services to many different types of businesses.

How Do We Help You

As a reliable Google Ads Service Trivandrum, we organize paid search campaigns that repeatedly deliver dividends to you. Apart from reducing your cost per conversion by 73 percent, paid advertising increases conversions by 174 percent. The keys to achieving such results are close monitoring of campaigns, gathering and analyzing data carefully, and making adjustments that provide a lot of insights. As customer behavior is an important aspect, we also consider outside influences that impact the performance of campaigns. These influences include changes in different financial markets and events that are related to the offerings of a client. In all campaigns, we repeat the process of earning, refining, and testing, keeping in mind our clients’ budgets.

As far as PPC Advertising in Trivandrum is concerned, we manage all aspects related to your paid search services. They include the following:

  • Campaign strategy creation and management
  • Keyword research
  • Creation of the advertisements, testing, and management
  • Bid optimization as well as management
  • Design of landing page and optimization
  • Campaign analysis and reporting

SEO and SEA Are Best Implemented Together

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) provide the best outcomes when they are implemented together. This is because both the strategies have a common goal of driving qualified leads. It is a fact that SEO is a long-term strategy, while SEA is a short-term strategy. SEO employs a variety of tactics to build your brand’s visibility in the longer period, but SEA gets you results for specific and defined goals rather quickly. However, they work in tandem to help you to effectively achieve your business goals.

The sustained benefits offered by the long-term strategy include a steady improvement of your website’s authority. On the other hand, the SEA strategy is very effective in putting you before your target audience quickly. In addition, SEA is very helpful in testing as to how well your customers are accepting a new product/service feature. It can also be used for promoting something that cannot be naturally promoted through other advertising or marketing channels.

Some Important SEA Statistics

Irrespective of whether you are planning to implement the search advertising strategy or improving the existing one, it is important that you keep in mind the following interesting statistics:

  • Search engine advertising spends in the U.S. alone was valued at more than $30 billion. By 2019-20, it is projected to top $50 billion.
  • The money spent on search advertising is almost 50 percent of the total digital advertising expenditure.
  • Google generated as much as 63.4 percent of all of the search queries in the U.S. as of January 2018. Google continues to maintain its market leadership.

Paid search advertising offers a lot of benefits. If you would like to explore the possibilities for your business, please call us to schedule a free consultation.

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