Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Bulk email service is by far the most effective marketing tools even today in the digital world.
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Studies show that 81 percent of the businesses are using email marketing for generating qualified leads to sell their products and services. Further, the share of email marketing in generating leads is 45 percent. As one of the best email marketing companies in Trivandrum, we will help you to get into prospective customer’s Inbox through our email marketing strategies.

Email marketing is one of the most used online marketing tools by business owners for informing their target audience about new product launches, sale, promotional offers to both their existing customers and a prospective new audience. The online marketing tool helps you to directly interact with your audience and share information, promotional material, and company news. In addition to enabling you to retain your current customers, email marketing allows you to acquire new customers and grow your customer base.

It is one of the most successful online advertising approaches. This is because users tend to first take a look at their email inbox before looking for a product or service elsewhere. Additionally, email marketing is a more affordable marketing option than most other methods. All types of businesses ranging from small to large can achieve measurable results through email marketing.

SproutBien’s Email Marketing Services

As one of the most reliable email marketing companies in Trivandrum, our services are backed by state-of-art infrastructure. This is what enables us to run high-quality bulk email campaigns on your behalf. At SproutBien, we offer well-designed email marketing services considering all aspects related to your business. The managed email marketing services that we employ for implementing structured email campaigns take your business to its next higher level of performance by enhancing your communications. In addition, we comply with the best practices related to email marketing to ensure that the messages are delivered to the right and intended recipients.

Bulk Email Marketing Plans

We offer a wide range of plans so that you can choose one that best suits the needs of your business. Our fully managed plans help you to deliver high-quality content to your customers. Our bulk email marketing service includes planning, scheduling, designing the email, sending, and measuring.

Email Marketing Automation

The automation service creates an ecosystem that enables you to send messages in an effective manner. It enables robust control when it comes to data management, segmentation, personalization, and deployment.

Data Mining/Email Validation

We help you to create a targeted list of potential customers by employing proven data mining tools and techniques. Additionally, our email validation services enable you to validate and consolidate email addresses in real-time.

Features Of Our Email Marketing Services

As one of the leading email market companies in Trivandrum, we ensure that you get the maximum user response.

List Management

We manage your contact lists in such a way that you can target various segments effectively and efficiently.

Subscription Management

We assure CAN-Spam Compliance and provide a personalized URL so that users can update preferences. There will be an unsubscribe link in each mail at the bottom.

Message Scheduling

This feature helps you to schedule your campaigns. This means that the emails will be sent on the specified date and time. In addition, you will get delivery notifications immediately.

Campaign Tracking

This feature enables you to track your email marketing campaigns very effectively.

Open/Click-through Tracking

When your prospect opens your message or clicks on links, you will be notified.

Bounce Handling

Deep insight into email bounces enable you to determine whether you can delete such email addresses from your list.

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