Public Relations

Public Relations

Digital Public Relations is an effective online marketing strategy that helps businesses enhance their online presence.
We are one of the best digital public relations (PR) service providers in Trivandrum. When it comes to digital PR, we follow a unique approach, framework, and process in to manage your brand’s online image. Digital PR enables you to create your brand’s perception with the help of content marketing through digital users such as media, journalist, bloggers, and platform users like Instagrammers, YouTubers, and others.

Digital PR is the new page public relations exercise and is a mix of marketing and PR for achieving defined business goals. Digital PR provides a boost to the existing online marketing efforts such as SEO and social media.

Our Digital PR Framework

  • Research the niche and design and create a set of content strategies that can really work for your brand.
  • Identify the influential topics that can communicate directly speak to your brand’s target buyers.
  • Vet the influencers that contextually form a good fit with your brand. Look for quality content, engagement, reach, and brand value alignment.
  • Engage and relate with the influencers you are targeting through email and social channels. Get them to associate with your brand by offering compensation and build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Measure the contribution of earned media and identify influencers and topics that lifted your brand.
  • After identifying what works best for you, we build a strong influencer marketing strategy.

The essential base of any digital marketing campaign is good content. However, it is not everything. The key to succeeding in digital PR effort is ensuring that content reaches each and every potential prosumer.

As a top digital marketing company in Trivandrum, we help to overcome the gaps in traditional PR strategies. At Sproutbien, we make use of frameworks that build psychometric perception for identifying your brand’s problems and design customized solutions for achieving different objectives such as audience engagement, brand awareness, higher voice share, product and thought leadership, and reputation management.

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