Customer engagement programs should mainly focus on value creation rather than revenue extraction. An established brand will always have retaining customers who are brand loyal. So winning customers will contribute towards the brand growth.

So what strategies work well? Five approaches to better customer engagement are:-

  1. Personalized Communication

The ease in communication between you and the customers, the more will be the engagement rate and a highly profitable one. Adopting a less direct method as part of their engagement strategy will help to gain brand loyal customers. You can send tailored messages as per their needs or even you can send automated emails on their business anniversary, birthday etc.

  1. Sharing Customer Stories on Social Media

Social media is the most common place where you can showcase your brand. Customers’ real-time stories will help win the trust of other customers. The stories can be anything like reviews, testimonials, etc. Also, you can appreciate and thank your customers when they showcase their stories.  Businesses can easily benefit from customer stories. Going live on platforms like Facebook; in case of product launch, an event or a road show can pave way to reach your fans.

  1. Leverage News Events

Keep the news simple and short, so that people can grasp it easily without the entire explainer text. Try to make your post edgy. Whether it be a billboard or a simple social media ad make it unique and interesting, it can catch people’s attention easily.  News stories, political stances, sports and other current events usually create a great impact when they are published in social media. In this fast paces world, posting these small events and news can gain exposure and solidify the brand presence. Always create exclusive landing page if it’s online news or event.

  1. Content Creation

Content for customer engagement means how relevant information you can provide the customers that utterly focus on their needs rather than our branding i.e. content should be customer-centric. Your business might aim to reach the goal of creating a strategic conversation with decision makers to acquire leads. If the content is not engaging enough, there is no sense in promoting your brand. A proper content strategy should be devised in a way that the customers should be connected to the brand now and then. Social media content, blogging, advertisements, video marketing etc can be part of content strategy. You can also update your old content by restructuring it with more relevant information than the previous one.

  1. Mobile Apps

Engaging your customers through mobile apps is one of the best ways. Yes, it’s true that through the website you can draw traffic. But, an app lets you retain your customers and reap more benefits. Through mobile apps, you can send vouchers cards, loyalty points and even push notification directly to their phone. It’s common nowadays that even businesses small and big alike are creating their own apps to target their customers. The highly customized an app is, highly it will benefit the customers and thereby increasing customer interaction.

  1. Use Surveys

One of the best ways to measure marketing effectiveness and getting customer’s feedback is through surveys. It’s not always necessary the customer will provide you feedback using your service. So, it’s better to find how satisfied your users are how more productive you can be. We can question them about the product/service usage, demographics, satisfaction scale and so on.

Remember one thing, a service or a product is made for the customers. Try inspiring your target customers and connect it in a way that builds a future relationship.