Today’s changing times see various technology products being used in businesses. Products change with changing demands of the markets. Over time, some of these tools have become necessities to keep businesses afloat in the competitive atmospheres. Podcasting is one such tool that has gained immense popularity over the last few years. For the newbies, podcasts are audio files available in digital formats that can be downloaded.

Podcasting – A Brief History

Podcasting was unheard of as recently as in the year 2005. A combination of the words iPod and broadcast, podcast experiments were on from the new millennium. Interestingly, podcasts became famous after Sarah Koenig aired 12 investigative episodes of a missing Baltimore girl. With over 200 million downloads, advertisers started getting interested in podcasts and the rest is history.

Podcasting for Businesses

Can podcasting be used for businesses? Surely, yes! Podcasts have now started making money. There are many reasons why podcasting might just be the next big thing for marketers of many kinds. We have gleaned a few of those for you below to decide why you should podcast for your business rather than not:

Reason #1: It is a “Neat Fit”

A podcast is popular for one reason: you can actively listen to a podcast while doing something else. You cannot read a blog while working out, can you? There is no video or screen to look into and this leaves you free. It fits seamlessly into anyone’s routine.

Reason #2: Podcasts are Consumed for Longer Periods

People may skim through blogs making for engagement times that are much less than what they were made for. The same can be said about video content. However, it has been observed that people consume podcasts in a very different manner. Sometimes, listeners spend over an hour on podcasts.

Reason #3: Competition is Less, for Now!

Podcasts do not much competition, at least for now. However, it is a growing content platform. According to statistics, about a third of the world’s population is listening to podcasts and this figure is growing. This is happy news for marketers.

Reason #4: Podcasts Allow for a Stronger Audience Relationship

When your audience is listening to your speech, you are connected at a deep level with them. They sense the voice emotions and intonations. This is perhaps the best way to build strong relationships.

Reason #5: Podcasts Make it Easier to Connect with Influencers

If influencers that you look up are unapproachable otherwise, a podcast is the easiest way to connect. When you make a podcast, you offer a stage to them so that you can offer their product/service to a brand new audience set.

Reason #6: You can Create Your Own Stage

For those that love speaking on a stage but have not yet got a chance to make it to one, It is best to make a podcast. There are ever so many stand-up comedy shows today. They are all reaching out to the audience they want to. With podcasts, additional bonuses include not having to get out of the house or travel to any place.

Reason #7: You can Share Success Stories, in fact, Many of Them

You can effectively use podcasts to share the success stories of those that have dared to take action steps. This will inspire more to do the same. It also tells your audience you love them.

Reason #8: Your Communication Skills Improve by the Day

Starting podcasts is likely the best way to get rid of stage fear and communicating with an audience in a public setting. With more podcasts, your thoughts get more clarified and even your daily communication improves.

Reason #9: New Opportunities Arrive

Opportunities that you do not expect will pop up. You could be called out to speak to audiences or manage social media for big businesses. Influencers may reach out to you and you can forge new connections.

Reason #10: You Can Also Make More Money

You will be able to directly generate an income through advertisements in your podcast. You can choose to expose a specific brand on your podcast or earn when your podcast is downloaded a specific number of times.

At the end of it all, all positive outcomes happen when your podcast is of good quality. Stay within the rules and make the magic happen!